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Whatever You Can Spare

Are you a business that is looking to support VST? You can hire our services, employ our Veterans, or host a fundraiser.

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You can support Veterans, in many ways we are not just asking you to put your hand in your pocket and give a donation as most charity organisations but we are asking you to become part of the overall solution in giving support to our veterans.

We are asking you to test yourself do something you would not ever think about doing give yourself a challenge of self-achievement chose an activity that you can show your support to helping our veterans.

This could be a sporting challenge that you set yourself to achieve but at the same time fund raising for our veterans. If physical activity is something that does not interest you, you could organize a fund raising event within your community. No matter what you decide, when you do so you become part of The Veterans Strong campaign, helping those who have been affected whilst serving in the Armed Forces this may be finding employment, assisting with welfare of their families.

All your efforts are needed please don’t turn your head away and think someone else will do it lets together have proactive approach to change the way we support our veterans and let us see the difference it makes together. You can help to empower our Veterans, enabling them to regain their purpose to have a positive impact on society. 

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