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  • There is evidence of medical damage caused by alcohol. The liver, pancreas, brain and other parts of the body may be harmed by alcohol. This can become permanent and may prove fatal.

  • Continued drinking is likely to prove harmful to other medical conditions that were not originally caused by alcohol.

  • If you have already tried to limit the amount of alcohol you drink but have been unsuccessful, it might be best for you to quit alcohol altogether.

There are other reasons why you should stop drinking. Alcohol may be the cause of, or a contributing factor to problems at home or at work. Spending too much money on drinking may leave you short of money or even in debt. Here are three questions to ask yourself:

  • What are the problems?

  • What will happen if I don’t stop drinking?

  • What kind of person (eg. mother, father, grandparent, husband, wife, partner) do I want to be and how is alcohol getting in the way of me being that person? 


  1. Social stability. Ensure that your accommodation is safe, your employment is secure, your debts are being managed and your immediate relationships are secure.

  2. A strong new interest to distract you from thinking about alcohol and in which you become keenly involved.

  3. Reminders that drinking is bad news for you: fridge magnets, messages on your bathroom mirror, friends who care about you and who will when necessary, remind you that drinking is not for you and why.

  4. Good social support: establishing or re-establishing stable and supportive social relationships with people who want to see you stop drinking and do well.

  5. A source of inspiration, hope and enhanced self-esteem that takes you beyond yourself and encourages you to develop into a better person. 

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