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Karima Gillespie

HR Manager 

Karima joined VST as the Human Resources Manager in 2018. Karima looks after all HR matters inclusive of employee recruitment, training and development and performance appraisals. Prior to joining VST Karima had extensive experience in HR within the Aviation industry in both the International and VIP sectors. She has also has a practical background in both the service industry and company "start-ups" which is were she gets her meticulous attention to detail from. Karima's  role is key to VST current and future success. She provides a professional service to all our Veterans in need insuring there are on the right pathway by identifying and providing the best managers, operators and trainers available. All our employees and consultants are specifically chosen and tailored to the client's needs and it is Karima's role to ensure that each task is manned to very specific standards.  Karima ensures that the best HR practices are implemented and maintained on a practical business level. Karima's primary concern is how the client's and VST requirements are managed, balanced and achieved. Through Karima VST ensures that all policies and systems are applicable, fully up to date .

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