Mark Bruce is Chairman and Executive Director of Veterans Stands Together. A newly founded organization with employees and directors based worldwide. Mr Bruce has the vision to be the most recognised global leader delivering high end security solutions solving important problems in government and public sector regarding security matters.

Mr. Bruce officially took on the role of CEO at the end of 2017. Under his direction, the company is now moving forward to achieve its goal of being the most luxurious security and chauffer service in the industry making contributions to our veterans, customers and communities along the way, focusing on people and living under our brand slogan:


 in support to you Enduring, Faithful and Abiding

For Mr. Bruce the future of Veterans Stands Together is one with a definitive focus on its veterans, and customers. Under his strategic vision the organisation remains committed to investing in being the world leading brand in high end security solutions. He is the driving force behind the company's culture of innovation, the environment shaped to inspire our ex-service personnel now known as our veterans. This to spearhead and create innovative security solutions within todays security industry that respond to client’s needs and challenges today and tomorrow.

Mr. Bruce gained his leadership knowledge and experiences whilst serving 26 years in the military. An accomplished security practitioner and leader with 10 years’ experience in an Infantry Regiment and 16 years’ experience gained in the UK Special Forces, 22 Special Air Service Regiment (22 SAS).

As well as being a highly motivated, flexible and a proven senior manager, he is also a people person who is calm and controlled in a crisis situation. Mr. Bruce was frequently deployed with UK National Security Agencies, International Law Enforcement and wider UKSF on directed strategic tasks operating on the most sensitive and demanding tasks across the globe. Delivering bespoke solutions to operational and training imperatives in multi-national and multi-agency environments.

He is highly articulate, organised and operate with meticulous attention to detail. With a proven track record of impeccable integrity and ethics.  After his time serving with a Special Forces unit Mr. Bruce took up the role of CEO of Bydand Security Solution a successful independent security company providing consultancy, training and man guarding solutions to military, police and civilian clients worldwide. Mr. Bruce has taken this commercial knowledge gained within Bydand and utilised the lessons learnt to mould Veterans Stand Together to be a luxury leading brand in today’s industry.



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